General description

Available in iron and aluminum based inorganic flocculants (PAC 18, Aluminum Sulphate, Iron Chloride, Iron Sulphate) and organic flocculants (DADMAC, Amines, Degradants). They are characterized by low molecular weight and high cationic load.

Suggested Uses

  • Treatment of the industrial waste water, water for industrial use, urban waste water and drinking water, aiming the destabilization of colloidal systems and the formation of flocs in order to succeed the sedimentation or flotation and final removal of the suspended solids. This is applicable in food, chemical, dyeing, paper and refinery industries.
  • Reduction of COD and turbidity.
  • Removal of phosphates and sulfur compounds.
  • Sludge condensation treatment for the better dehydration treatment.
  • Paper and paper pulp production.
  • Waste water discoloration.


The application and dosage of the solution of flocculants depend on the characteristics and the type of water waste system where it will be applied. Depending on the type of flocculant and the characteristics of the process, a different process of preparation of the flocculant solution is proposed in order to optimize the performance of the system.


The majority of products are available in packages of 25 kg, 50 kg, 150 kg, 220 kg, 1000Kg.