General description

They are available in liquid and solid products as well as products used in vaporization devices (gel). Deodorants are consisted of mixtures of organic substances which do not overlap the unpleasant odors but neutralize them. They act effectively against a wide range of substances that cause unpleasant odors such as sulfur-based (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, etc.) and ammonia. Products are not dangerous for the human health and the environment.

Suggested Uses

  • In liquid and solid waste treatment plants (eg papermaking, brewing).
  • In biological sludge treatment.
  • In garbage collection and disposal areas.
  • In rubbish bins and in public markets.
  • In composting plants.
  • In sanitary areas (toilets).
  • In pump stations and installations for treatment of liquid and solid waste.
  • In sewage drains and in sewage sludge.


It is recommended high pressure spray in order to efficiently handle the unpleasant odors. ENVICHEM uses automated high-pressure atomization equipment for the best use of the product through its better dispersal, reducing operating costs and human resources. There are also products that are added to polyelectrolyte solutions in order to deodorize the dehydrated activated sludge.