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Fat collectors

The company ENVI-CHEM has different types of grease collectors for the collection and management of fats, oils and all kinds of oily substances from water and/or other types of waste. There are two different categories of fat collectors, depending on how they work.
A) Gravitational separation fat collectors
B) The mechanical, fully automated electronic fat collectors

All fat collectors are certified according to the European standard EN 1825 and carry the CE mark. For more information, the selection of the appropriate fat collector size, according to EN 1825 and the relevant requirements of EYDAP, EYATH, and/or any other DEYA, contact the Technical department of the ENVI-CHEM company.

The mechanical, fully automated electronic grease collectors, whose operation is based on an automatic mechanism for collecting and removing fats, oily substances and solids from the aqueous phase of the waste.

Gravitational separation fat collectors, whose function is based on the gravitational separation of fats, oily substances from the aqueous phase of the waste.