envichem Ψηφιακός Μετασχηματισμός

Demusifiers – Emulsion Breakers

General description

They are mainly organic liquid formulations which are composed of surfactants and dispersing agents which aim at destabilizing emulsions (for example, in the separation of water from the fuel). This is accomplished by breaking the bonds between the molecules of the emulsion (hydrocarbons) and water with the result of creating two phases.

Suggested Uses

  • In waste treatment plants where separation of hydrocarbons from water is required.
  • Energy upgrading of the recycled fuel by removing the water contained therein.
  • In container cleaning operations.


When water-fuel emulsions are being processed, it is recommended to heat the system to 80-90 oC in order to optimize the process of water removal from the fuel. In order to find the optimal dosage, laboratory-scale experimental data are required, through which ENVICHEM will propose the appropriate concentrations for each case.