General description

They are water treatment products. The use of water in industrial processes results in the deposition of many kinds of salts (calcium, magnesium etc.), which cause many corrosion problems in water treatment systems (cooling tower, boilers) and desalination systems. Solving this problem results in less maintenance costs and increased process efficiency.

Suggested Uses

  • Removing deposits from metal walls, surfaces, minimally affecting the metal surfaces themselves, made of iron or aluminum.
  • Removing salt (mostly calcium and magnesium) deposits from water treatment systems and desalination systems.
  • Boiler water treatment in order to minimize the sedimentation and transport phenomena.


The antiscalants can be supplied directly or dissolved in soft water. The best point to feed the product is in the deaereating feed tank or in the boiler water stream. The dosage depends on the characteristics of the feed water and the operating parameters of the boiler.